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Oh, the places you'll go. 

Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps my personality will charm you, but chances are it will send you running. All I hope is you enjoy my photos, articles and broadcasts. 

THE wire, Sept. 2011-present

If you check out, you'll see a video in the bottom right of the home screen that resembles the photo below. This is "The Wire," the morning newscast you can watch every hour on the hour on butv10. I've been involved since freshman year, and now I produce on a daily basis. 
From crew to editor, writer to talent, I have done it all. For the past four semesters I have had the pleasure of working as one of the executive producers for the show. Here, why don't you take a watch?

 This is a screen grab from one of my broadcasts on "The Wire."  You can watch the whole thing here.  

This is a screen grab from one of my broadcasts on "The Wire." You can watch the whole thing here. 

NBC Latino, May 2012-July 2015

Here's a bit about my never-ending stint with NBC Latino. For two summers, and sporadically throughout my time at school, I wrote human interest stories or breaking news. As one of the interns, I covered queer news, immigration news and profiled successful Latinos. 

Below you can see 12 photos. If you would like to see some of my favorite work I've had published on NBC News, you should click on any of these pictures.


morning joe, sept. 2014-jan. 2015

Then came the most grueling and rewarding internship of all time. 



This One Tree Somewhere

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